4 out of 5 American's eat  wings. That's over 260 million of us! And in the restaurant business, The chicken category is on fire. We're on a mission to bring the WORLD'S WINNINGEST WINGS & WORLD'S WINNINGEST CHICKEN DIPPING SAUCES to as many mouths as possible.

We're entertaining different business and strategic partnerships to help us make that happen. Whether you're a HOSPITALITY GROUP, CHAIN EXEC, ANGEL INVESTOR or RETAIL OUTLET, let's talk!


Let's say you're a multi concept Hospitality Group without a CHICKEN CONCEPT and you're considering opening one.  Let's talk about how easily you could acquire our assets which would instantly make YOUR NEW CONCEPT - the WORLD'S MOST AWARD WINNING CHICKEN CONCEPT FROM DAY ONE. OR Let's talk about how we could team up and roll out Sean's booYah! WINGS franchises TOGETHER.


You're a 10,000 unit Pizza Chain or Convenience Store and every online review says your wings suck. Which means customers ONLY order your wings for convenience, NEVER because they are compelled by your wings' addictive deliciousness - which translates into MILLIONS LESS IN SALES. If you'd rather make those millions, let's talk about how how easy it would be for you to acquire our assets and start serving (and advertising) THE WORLD'S BEST, MOST AWARD WINNING WINGS & CHICKEN DIPPING SAUCES. If you want America's 260 Million Wing Eaters to come through your 10,000 doors and start throwing money at you... offer them the best wings AND SHOW THEM YOUR 254 National Awards. Duh 



Looking for opportunity in one of the fastest-growing business sectors 5 years running? Get in on the ground floor in helping catapult the WORLD'S WINNINGEST WING SAUCE brand to the next level.


Whether a specialty store or national grocery chain with a huge online presence, you can stock your shelves with the WORLD'S WINNINGEST WING SAUCE! And then watch them jump off the shelves.

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