Sorta Hot (portable)


Sorta Hot (portable)



PLEASE NOTE: This itsy bitsy bottle is for folks who use the booYah! as their 'Hot Sauce' NOT as 'Wing Sauce'. If you want to make Wings YOU NEED THE BIG BOTTLE. That is all!

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Why on earth would we put 'Wing Sauce' in a 'Hot Sauce' bottle... Well the truth is because a bunch of our very best customers use our 'Wing Sauces' as their daily 'go-to' 'Hot Sauce' (& since this is America, that's okay). They asked us to put all our sauces in these fun little woozy bottles for added convenience. So we did. Yes it's all very confusing. 


1st Place 2014 Chile Pepper Awards – Cook-off-Wing Sauce (Hot/X-Hot)

1st Place 2012 Hot Pepper Awards – Wing Sauce – Medium

2nd Place 2014 World Hot Sauce Awards – Wing Sauce – Hot

2nd Place 2013 Chile Pepper Awards – Wing Sauce – Mild Medium

2nd Place 2013 Hot Pepper Awards – Wing Sauce – Medium

2nd Place 2010 National Buffalo Wing Festival – Best Traditional Sauce – Medium

3rd Place 2014 Fiery Food Challenge – Cook off: Wing Sauce Mild/Medium

3rd Place 2014 Scovie Awards – Wing Sauce – Traditional Hot

3rd Place 2013 Fiery Food Challenge – Cook off: Wing Sauce (Medium) – Consumer Ready

3rd Place 2013 Cajun Hot Sauce Festival (New Iberia LA.) – Champion of Champions

3rd Place 2010 Scovie Awards – Buffalo Wing Sauce – Cook it up – with meat

3rd Place 2005 National Buffalo Wing Festival – America’s Greatest Wing Sauce Competition – Amateur Best Traditional Sauce